This work is a business trip personal training
Call an instructor and aim for the dream Tadaman
It is a voyeur documentary of an actor who likes voyeurism.

*This work was recorded in 4K high image quality.
Therefore, it has higher image quality than general voyeur works.
Although it is recorded, the customer’s
Image quality varies depending on the playback environment.
Thank you for your understanding.

* In the review column, name of person, place name, facility name, etc.
Please refrain from writing that leads to the identification of the performers.

————————————————– ———–

[This instructor]
・Mr. K, 21 years old
No way blonde gal! However, there is a gap in the softness of demeanor ○
・ Production negotiation difficulty: ○
・Sensitivity: Fierce orgasm constitution ○ Ease of getting wet ○

A personal training shop in Daikanyama
・ First free trial

Gal with a good face anyway!
A Sensitive Constitution That Makes You Cum Just By Rubbing Her Pussy Through Her Spats
It’s too wet and even the spats are soggy!
I was so excited that I was going to have a big, big, big, warped orgasm during sex.
At the time of fellatio, even though I didn’t ask, I licked balls, sucked balls, and blamed the back muscle
It was a sullen lewd who gave me ○

————————————————– ———–

【 time schedule】

00:00- Arrive at home
02:16~ Changing clothes voyeur
08:30~ Start stretching
27:00- Leg lift abdominal muscle lecture
30:00- Abdominal muscle roller lecture
34:00~ Massage
44:00~ reverse massage
46:30~ pie touch
54:00~ Mantouch
55:00~ Clothed hand man

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