○ Girl information ○ Yuriko-chan, 22 years old A chubby professional student who writes comics as a hobby. I like Japanese battle manga. By the way, my favorite character is Gin*’s Tsuchi*ju*ro. I like handsome guys ww It seems that the three men I’ve dated so far are always not taken care of and break up in a saffle state … Meet at a family restaurant. A girl with glasses that looks like she’s about to burst has arrived! ! I’m getting excited about the good-looking guy, isn’t this? After enjoying the cheese in hamburg steak, I’m going to have a good time with the dessert. ! Yuriko who is frightened by cheating. I feel like I’m about to cry with teary eyes lol At first I hate it, but if I kiss you, it’s completely okay. This is a lot of play with past boyfriends (sefure) ww Hospitality that does its best in Irama and Titty Fuck, isn’t this the best saffle? I’m crazy.

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