This time, I was able to kill my favorite busty girl, so I’ll show you the video of that time! As usual, “If you answer the nutritional drink tasting questionnaire, the fare will be 50% off.” The gyaru woman who was gradually getting sleepy by the vibration of the car finally gave in to the power of ● and fell into a deep sleep. Naturally, the destination of this taxi was changed to my fucking room instead of Shibuya, which I was looking for. I was full of erection from the time I was driving due to the stench of gals. When I sniffed out the smell of the co, I stimulated the soggy cousin with my fingers.After I was satisfied to some extent, I picked up the weak body and brought it to the spear room, restrained both hands and laid it on the bed. The woman woke up when she was enjoying sex with her body to the fullest in this space where she was not disturbed by anything. It was only! Before long, I was overwhelmed by the joy of having sex with a gal, and my big cock reached the limit of my patience and cummed string sperm into my plump pussy.

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