The starring role of this work is Miru-chan! ! A cute little face and a carefree smile are attractive, and she is a pretty beautiful girl with whitening beautiful breasts and beautiful skin! ! The photography team takes Mirumiru, who has a high awareness and inquisitiveness about beauty, and is beautiful from the top of her head to the toes of her feet, to a tropical country. The cool Mirumiru is excited by the cheerfulness of the southern island, and the appearance of being excited and frolic is adorable. The staff praised her as she continues to grow, using her past shoots as her sustenance, and that she becomes more attractive each time she shoots. There are plenty of behind-the-scenes shots unique to long-term location works, so don’t miss the interesting scenes such as cold play with the manager and entanglement with the Cmore Girls from the same office! ! The smiling and beautiful appearance of Mirumiru, an angel who has landed in a midsummer paradise, is an irreplaceable gift! !

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