* Karina Hirose The married woman I met this time is a half-beautiful woman with a French mother. Moreover, she is a smart woman who runs a beauty salon. In addition, when there are several friends, he admits that he is a sex hero himself. However, although he had a free-spirited sex life, he recently got a little bored. While looking for further stimulation, she arrived at the world of photography. And this shooting location will be held at the villa owned by her. 〇 Akari Ogawa Mr. Ogawa, a married woman who had a man other than her husband before marriage. . It seems that the compatibility of the body was good and the relationship continued after marriage, but it is said that they broke up last month due to work reasons. However, after breaking up with the man, I felt unsatisfactory and fell into frustration. In order to wipe out such a feeling, I was looking for a new friend on an affair site, and when I met a man who claimed to be an AV actor, my libido was filled at once.

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