A blissful moment, inviting you to a pleasure you’ve never experienced before…Men’s exclusive new sensation esthetic = new men’s esthetic
Experience the ultimate healing experience… MEN’s esthetic salon with a fully reserved private room system This will be the experience course menu
[Hip pressure relaxation esthetic] Massage and loosen the body with only the soft buttocks
[Vacuum silent beauty treatment salon] Sharpened treatment that eliminates all waste
[Esthetics limited to the mammary gland area] Treatment that blocks visual and auditory sensations and makes you feel only the mammary glands
[Vertical men’s esthetic] A futuristic esthetic that treats both sides at once
[Psychedelic trip esthetic] Treatment performed while drinking aphrodisiacs
Esthetician profile Name: Akari Esthetic Experience: 4 years Specialty: Playing big butts, playing with rubber gloves, dirty talk, male tide, nipple torture

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