A special version of that popular series “Married Woman Nampa Creampie Ikase” is now available! This time, the purpose is to pick up a lot of horny married women and make a lot of cum in a short time! ! Of course I will pay you. “I want to talk slowly in the car because it’s not here, but have you ever had a wife?” ? #01…The first person I spoke to was a tall woman who had just left the apartment. “Hello~, I’m taking a little questionnaire~” when I look at her face, she’s quite beautiful! ! “Are you shopping?” “Yes, that’s about it…” “I’d like to ask for a questionnaire, but how about an air-conditioned car because it’s hot outside?” “No, it’s okay.” I’ve also prepared a reward for you!” “Is it a reward?” The woman’s eyes changed color. “Just a little bit, please!” ! and move to the car. “Thank you! You’re my wife, aren’t you?” Confirmed by looking at the ring on her left hand. “Yes, that’s true.” You don’t have time to sleep, do you? But don’t you save up money?” “I’m planning to build my own home, so I’m mostly saving money for Socchi.” Today’s plan is perfect for your wife.The reward will increase according to the degree of cooperation, so please do your best!” I’ll be there soon~ Your wife may have figured it out somehow, but I’d like you to show me your underwear for a moment.” The wife thinks for a moment. “Isn’t it really rewarding?!” So let’s check underwear right away! Roll up the skirt you’re wearing. “Ah, you’re going from the bottom, right?” The staff was a bit surprised (laughs). “It’s fine. Then, could you roll it up a little more?” Hello, the dark red underwear from inside. And T-back! The angle from the buttocks is always good to see ~. “Do you often wear thongs?” “No, it’s just a coincidence.” “No, it’s not like that. I’m busy.” Oh, it’s exactly the same set as below. “The wire part is a little tight, so I’ll loosen it.” At the same time as saying “I want to see the lining fabric …”, the nipple is blown. “Oh, you’re out.” “It’s embarrassing …” When you caress such a wife’s nipple with your finger, “Nh, ah!” Sensitive wife. “Huh? The shape of the nipple has changed somehow.” Now start licking the nipple. “Ah! “I’m a little tired, so can I use this?” Take out the treasured sword “The Vibe” and put it on your nipple immediately. Start attacking the wife who raises her voice more than before! “Oh, I’m going to die~~!!” How many times do you want to be rewarded and how far will you go? ? 10 wives who were picked up are recorded.

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