#College 2nd year student #Nursing department #BBQ drinking circle #vs. She is a beautiful girl who looks good with short haircuts. Moreover, she has a cute smile and big tits. It feels a little expensive, but when I said, “I’m a part-time worker who can get 1 million yen,” he said, “I’m short of money due to the corona crisis…” She usually enjoys campus life by having BBQs with various people and having drinking parties at home. Her boyfriend is a senior in the circle. e? But do you like younger people too? Maybe you like men (laughs)? When I gave her 10,000 yen and asked about her favorite position, she replied, “Missionary position. Why? Because I can see your face (laughs).” So, the time limit is 15 minutes. No matter how many times you get it OK, if you blow the tide you get a bonus, if you put your hand on the floor you will be disqualified and immediately fucked! When I introduced the cunnilingus challenge project, the tension exploded with the fledgling actor who saw it for the first time! When I took off my sexy red purple underwear and straddled the actor’s face, “Wait, it’s amazing, I’m sorry. Experienced 28 times per second ultra-high-speed tongue technique faints in agony! Convulsive contraction dies! Spree face the tide with a face sitting! Don’t ask me, “Which do you prefer, my boyfriend?♪” Cunnilingus finished with hands on the floor as if to insert it already! Gingin Max’s decachin is inserted into a buggy libido pussy. Semen is poured into the uterus with an intense piss and a big hustle? Super rich fellatio while shaking the head to the root and testicles. In addition, it is paizuri. This is a sinful boob on a sinful body. I’m going to find out that I’m playing around ~ (laughs) I feel the heat of the big cock in my vagina at the cowgirl position in the back! Pant panting saying “Why is it so hard?” in various positions. The semen is caught on the tongue, and it is brave enough to chew on the cock. Even such a cute girl is lured by money and makes her cunnilingus! Even so, she was an erotic girl…

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