If it’s a petit runaway, I can’t count it. But this time it’s been three months. splendid runaway. In Kabukicho, you can walk even if you are blindfolded. But I can’t find my place Just when I was about to give up thinking that, I met him. A quiet man who seems to be quiet. Nonetheless, when I invited him to my room, I was skeptical that it was Yaritin-kun. And, as expected, it was. Gingin already. The waist was rough, but a darker one came out. “Now we can go out together, right?” I said as I was about to take root in his room, when the sober man confided, “I have a girlfriend.” But I was not frightened. That’s fine, then I’ll train you to the point where you can never leave me! Let me say hee hee! Let’s show it to Mr. Kanojo who is a plain man!

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