Once a year, the “housing complex gynecological examination” is held at the assembly hall of the housing complex. I’m going to have a gynecological examination this year. But this man is a fake doctor! Moreover, she is a pervert! He accidentally played an obscene prank on housing complex wives all over the country and had sex with a frustrated wife who accidentally felt it! ! Wife with tall slender legs. A married woman who spreads her legs and exposes herself on a simple examination table! ! Stimulate the G spot with palpation and fake hand man! A wife who endures her voice. “It’s over with the next examination,” suddenly inserted! “Huh? What is this??” “Don’t worry, it’s an examination that examines the back of the uterus.” Finally, the teacher gave me a prescription (cum shot) and the examination ended in a dazed state. “Today’s examination is over.

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